Qatar a Symptom of a Changing World


10 June 2017

There have been a series of recent events in the Middle East, which have been partially reported. Even when they are reported there is a marked unwillingness by our mainstream media to see them as connected in any way. Instead, they are regarded as discrete events rather than as manifestations of wider geopolitical changes that are changing the world as it has been for many decades. Continue reading

More to the Manchester Attack than the Media Would Have us Believe


28 May 2017

The terrorist attack in Manchester where 22 people, including children, were killed and scores were injured, many critically, provoked an understandable sense of outrage into how and why this could happen. The answer to that question unfortunately has been to repeat the half-truths and stereotypes that have followed each of the terrorist attacks in western cities in recent years. Continue reading

One Belt, One Road: Opportunities and Challenges for Australia


25 May 2017

“China”, Napoleon once remarked, “is like a sleeping lion. Let here sleep, for when she awakens she will shake the world.”


In 2013 in a speech delivered in Astana, Kazakhstan, China’s President Xi Jinping outlined an ambitious project for transforming large parts of Asia and Africa. He used the term yi dai, yi lu which translates as ‘one belt, one road’ (OBOR). It was immediately referred to in the media as the ‘new silk roads,’ an allusion to the ancient silk roads, a network of connections that linked continents and oceans along which people, ideas and goods flowed from China to Europe. Continue reading

The Ongoing Disaster of Australia’s Policy in Afghanistan


14 May 2017

According to a recent news report Australia is “open” to a request from the United States for more troops to be sent to Afghanistan. According to the report, Australian troops “mostly work in a training and support role aimed at strengthening the Afghan force’s ability to protect their own country. “It is important, said Prime Minister Malcolm Turnbull, “that we work together to build up the capacity of Afghanistan’s own security forces so that they can keep that country secure from the threat of terrorism.” (1) Continue reading

Syrian De-Escalation Memorandum a Significant Step


8 May 2017

On 5 May 2017 following a meeting in Astana, Kazakhstan, a memorandum was signed by three of the principal parties involved in the Syrian conflict: Russia, Turkey and the Islamic state of Iran. It represents a significant step in achieving a resolution of the Syrian conflict, which has cost more than 400,000 lives. The reaction to the memorandum, and the lack of reaction in key quarters by other parties to the conflict is also significant. Continue reading

Deir Ez Zor: More to the September 2016 Attack Than Originally Thought


On 18 September 2016 warplanes belonging to the American “coalition” carried out air strikes on Syrian government soldiers defending the Deir Ez Zor airfield in northeastern Syria. More than 100 Syrian soldiers died in the attack and many more wounded. Australia’s Department of Defence admitted its involvement in the attack, although it gave no details of precisely what role the RAAF played. Continue reading